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Level 1 Member of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance Directory.
If you are a healthcare or fitness professional who is passionate about pelvic health and women's health, we want YOU and/or your business to be featured in our global pelvic health directory so people who need your services can find you. 

During the webinar below, we are excited to showcase the features of the global directory and the membership options, as well as other cool things we think you will like!
DISCLAIMER: This webinar was for our charter members and pricing has increased. 
  • Monthly live and recorded clinical and business webinars featuring industry experts
  •  Monthly live Q & A calls answering business and clinical questions to help you grow your business
  •  Private Facebook Group to connect with fellow Pelvic professionals
  •  Opportunities to submit blog articles and videos to be featured on to increase visibility
  •  Discount pricing on online courses and live events
  •  Campaign collaborations with industry professionals to extend your reach online and offline
  •  Special bonus: Permissions to use copyright images for presentations, handouts, websites, blogs, and social media. New images added monthly to our image library.
  •  Another bonus! - A Premier Directory Listing in our Global Pelvic Health Alliance Directory at with more features than a basic listing. ​​​​​​​
REGULAR PRICE $499/yr. or $49/mo.
$347/yearly or $36/month ($432/year) 
Frequently asked questions about signing up for Level 2:

What if I only want to be listed in the directory and I don’t want the membership site access? 

You can either join Level 1 and simply get a basic directory listing for free or join Level 2 to get premier directory features. Even if you don’t access the membership site or benefits, you will still get a tremendous amount of exposure for free or for $36/month or less -which is a great way to use marketing dollars. 

What if I only want access to the membership site and resources, but don’t want to create a directory listing? 

You don’t have to be in the directory. You can simply join in on all of the membership benefits and you can leave the profile directory form blank. The access you’ll get to the expert webinars, collaborations, and resources will be worth it! 

I own a clinic and want to sign up several professionals and myself to Level 2 with a discounted price. Does that exist currently? 

 In the near future, we will have a way for you to sign up your clinic or facility name and as many professionals as you would like under different pricing tiers. Our current recommendation is to at least lock in the $347/year for the clinic owner/business price now. If you only have a few clinicians clinicians, it still may be worth getting those now at $347, as the prices will be going up in general (so a discount may not be that different). Under the current structure if you sign up for Level 2 - in the next 4-5 weeks, you’ll receive a form to fill out with your clinic or business name and one representative. Once we add the feature of including more professionals from your business, you will be able to add more names to the registration form. 

What if several clinicians from one business already buy Level 2 separately? 

That’s not an issue at all. There will be a spot on the profile form that asks for the business name. You will have your professional name and credentials and then everyone in that business will be grouped together (but still with separate listings). 

Collaboration and Education for Pelvic Health Professionals. Improving Access for Patients and Clients.
This is the first time this type of pelvic health directory has included many different professions AND conditions - physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, sex therapists and educators, doulas, midwives, fitness pros, massage therapists, psychologists, and more… 

We are getting up to 200 emails and messages a week asking for professionals from all over the world and the directory will serve as THE place to direct them. 

We decided it was finally time to create the largest global pelvic health directory that will solve many of the frustrations people have when they tried to search for help. 

Let’s face it, you are all doing an amazing job at spreading the importance of getting pelvic health and pelvic floor screenings and doing exercises, but then it’s still tough for people to track down professionals to help them. 

The GPHA Membership (GPHAM) is what pelvic health professionals requested for years!

Global Pelvic Health Alliance Membership
$347/yearly or $36/month ($432/year)
When the offer ends, price will be
$499/yr. or $49/mo.
*Subscriptions that were started after January 1, 2019 have a 100% satisfaction 30 day money back guarantee. All membership fees are paid on the basis of a twelve (12) month membership subscription. You may request to cancel your membership at any time prior to your yearly renewal date. To read our full terms and conditions, please click here.
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